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                                  BENCHPRESS PALMARES

              CHAMPION DU MONDE TEEN - 100 kg WPC : 2004

         2° du BENCH BASH FOR CASH  Heavy   UPA : 2007
            2° de l'ARNOLD CLASSIC  Heavy   WPO : 2007
         3° du BENCH BASH FOR CASH  Heavy   APF : 2007
         4° du BENCH BASH FOR CASH - 110 kg     : 2005

             1° JUNIOR A PASSER 800 LBS !  

                                                  RECORD PERSONNEL - 100 kg :  280   kg
                                                  RECORD PERSONNEL - 110 kg :  385   kg
                                                  RECORD PERSONNEL - 125 kg :  392,5 kg

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My workouts are heavy, with heavy volume, and consistent.  Sets are from 2 to 15 reps.

Monday - back

Tuesday - triceps

Also on Tuesday I do shoulders, but nothing to special on those. I do shoulders and arms two times a week.  Saturday is a light day.  I believe that the blood flow helps with recovery.

Wednesday - biceps

Thursday - legs and abs

Friday - off

Saturday - chest, shoulders, and arms

Chest is heavy, the rest light.  When I am not going to a meet soon, I bench press :

I don't ever do any heavy raw work, because the only time I have ever been injured was lifting raw.  For assistance I do:

and that is enough. I don't believe that heavy raw chest work will help your bench, only get you injured.

Prior to a meet, my training is different in that I do single reps, work mainly with a one-board, and do chest doubles on the way down.

To get a big bench, I suggest heavy back and triceps work; that is why I listed it all out.

I feel that most people don't really understand how much I do on Monday and Tuesday, and why back and triceps are set up as far away from Saturday as possible.  Those two days are what Rick Hussey, my coach, has set up for me, and works with me the most on. Every once in a while, he adds to and changes the exercises.

On the bench, the best advice would be leverage, always to keep your elbows under your wrists, to be consistent!, and to find a coach

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